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Create, Interact, Explore and Earn!

Step into the Metaverse, and begin your journey to where reality meets the digital world!


What is the Metaverse?

Known as the successor to the mobile internet, the Metaverse is a boundless environment that manifests social interaction, gaming, entertainment, finance, and many more – accessed as easily as the internet. Imagine being inside the internet rather than just viewing it on your device, with the tap of one button.

What is an NFT?

NFTs are gaining much popularity nowadays, but they have been around almost as early as the cryptocurrency market began. NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are permanent, transferrable digital assets that cannot be copied nor duplicated due to their cryptographic signatures permanently stored in the blockchain. NFTs can represent both digital & physical assets such as in-game items, audio/visual content, digital land/property, and most popularly – digital art.

Game Overview


Shooter VR/AR Gaming / Education / Finance / Social Media 

Release Date






Growing at a staggering rate, the Metaverse is a space where everybody wants to be right now – A virtual world with no boundaries, built by its users, defying centralized regulations that eliminate the “middle man” and allows its users to build their worlds without these restrictions.

MetaHub is a virtual app that will hold your hand into the metaverse, and as such, it is free to download and can be learned by anyone, whether they have knowledge of cryptocurrencies / blockchain or not. Interact, Play, Earn, and even monetize your winnings, work & collections..

No additional software is required. No synchronization is needed or any 3rd party wallet.
Simply Download and Step into the metaverse with MetaHub.


Roadmap and Progress

In order to keep up with market conditions, the MetaHub Roadmap is
constantly progressing and may change without prior notice


  • Q2
    – Conclusion of 3-year Research, Development & Conceptualization of MetaHub
  • Q3
    – Organization & Chain-of-command assigned to Team
    – Complete initial MetaHub Contracts
    – Obtain partnerships & early investors
    – Submit first Security Audit
  • Q4
    – Completion of final initial versions of the dApp & compatibility
    – Announce the upcoming Launch of MetaHub
    – Obtain affiliations with major dApp projects & De-Fi protocols
    – Development of initial marketplace launch
    – Integration of DEX for future permissionless listing and launch market for
    fractionalized NFTs & NFT collections
    – Organize the seed and private sale
    – Social Media Marketing & preparation of Presale
    – Launch of presale in PinkSale
    -Launch of MetaHub Token


  • Q1
    – CG and CMC application after launch
    – Incorporate & reinforce marketing
    – Complete 1st Security Audit
    – Launch of MetaHub Marketplace Platform
    – Community events and competition
  • Q2
    – Launch of Phase 2
    – The Metaverse is announced to the public
    – Optimize in-game servers to accommodate the influx of users
    – Launch liquidity mining program to bootstrap usage of MetaHub Token

Phase 1

  • Complete initial contracts
  • Submit 1st security audit
  • Launch MetaHub website
  • Seed sale (MHT)
  • Seed sale (Plot)
  • Completion of final initial versions of the dApp & compatibility
  • Incorporate & reinforce marketing
  • Whitelisting (MHT)
  • Whitelisting (Plot)
    Submit listing applications
  • Launch of Pre-sale in PinkSale
  • Public launch of MHT
  • Launch 1st batch of MetaHub NFT collection
  • Submit DEX proposals

Phase 2

  • MetaHub is announced to the public
  • Optimization of servers & security protocols
  • Whitelisting 2nd round of MHT
  • Whitelisting 2nd round of MetaLand
  • Complete 2nd security audit
  • Launch of Mining & Staking Platform
  • Alpha Testing for seed investors
  • Launch “Early Adopter” sale
  • Beta Testing for Whitelisters
  • Submit 2nd security audit
  • Public launch of MetaLand
  • yCommunity events and competitions

Phase 3

  • Public Launch of MetaHub
  • Expand interoperability to mobile devices
  • Complete 2nd security audit
  • Initiate Community development
  • Launch Public Land sale
  • Complete and release the audit report
  • Launch & transition to full community governance of MetaHub

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With cryptocurency & blockchain adoption growing at a staggering rate, MetaHub aims to embrace a virtual world where applications, products, services and social & educational interaction can be made available & convenient to absolutely any user.
$MHT will be the currency to purchase items, services and other in-app products.
Early adopters & Content creators will also be incentivized along with MetaHub’s lift-off.