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Into the MetaHub:

MetaHub is a unique metaverse project combining the aspects of social media, online gaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and cryptocurrencies to allow users to interact virtually to create, experience, and monetize platform content.

The application of blockchain technology & infrastructure will enable users to tap into the metaverse economy, making virtual assets exchangeable into fiat & real economic value outside of the metaverse.

For many years, the idea of virtual worlds merely existed in sci-fi films & stories.
Today, the Metaverse is now being embraced by the largest industries ranging from cryptocurrencies to digital art, gaming and even digital property.

Metahub is a space where users can achieve all of this with the tap of a button.

Create, Interact, Explore, Earn.

Users can immerse themselves in a world where reality meets the digital world. with this, the possibilities are endless.

Rewarding users will also be a passive feature of MetaHub,
where users are incetivized depending on their participation in the metaverse community.


Metahub is all about building and designing your own city.

You can add buildings,
houses, amusement parks, monuments and buildings which you can obtian thru MetaBOX ($MBOX)
Metabox will be the utility token of Metahub.

You can obtain random NFT Buildings with different types of rarity.

Tier 1 Common 100-300 HashPower
Tier 2 Rare 301-500 HashPower
Tier 3 Unique 501-1000 HashPower
Tier 4 Legendary 1001-2000 HashPower
Tier 5 Ancient 2000-10000 HashPower

You can increase your hashpower by combining 3 different types of NFT with the same tier.

With the use of your Metahub tokens ($MHT), you can purchase buildings in the marketplace wherein players and decide on how much they would like to sell their NFTs.

The best part of the game is once you’re done designing or building your city within your plots.
You can earn a daily revenue on your buildings depending on your hashpower.