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Roadmap and Progress

In order to keep up with market conditions, the MetaHub Roadmap is
constantly progressing and may change without prior notice


  • – Conclusion of Research, Development & Conceptualization of MetaHub
  • – Organization & Chain-of-command assigned to Team
    – Founder’s Land Distribution to early investors
    – Obtain partnerships 
    – Submit first Security Audit
  • Q3
    – Completion of final initial versions of the dApp & compatibility
    – Announce the upcoming Launch of MetaHub
    – Obtain affiliations with major dApp projects & De-Fi protocols
    – Development of initial marketplace launch
    – Integration of DEX for future permissionless listing and launch market for
    fractionalized NFTs & NFT collections
    –Launch of MetaHub Token


  • Q1
    – CG and CMC application after launch
    – Incorporate & reinforce marketing
    – Complete 1st Security Audit
    – Launch of MetaHub Marketplace Platform
    – Community events and competition
  • Q2
    – Launch of Phase 2
    – The Metaverse is announced to the public
    – Optimize in-game servers to accommodate the influx of users
    – Launch liquidity mining program to bootstrap usage of MetaHub Token