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To reward all holders of $MHT,
2% of all transactions will be
redistributed to hodlers



4% of every buy and sell transaction will
be retained by the $MHT team
for marketing and development
of the token.



3% of all transactions will automatically be added to the Liquidity









To foster the exchange of virtual goods, economic incentives must be in place to ensure the continued creation and distribution of avatars, items, assets and scripts.
Because static content can be arbitrarily copied, the user experience should empower social agreements set forth by the community itself that recognize original creations.
By implementing an identity or “fingerprint” system to establish authorship, users will be able to track and verify an author’s consent through cryptographic signatures.

This is already occurring with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

We introduce the utility of (land token) and the MetaHub Token $MHT, how their use-case can secure the utility of the network, and emphasize how the application of MetaHub Token will be conducted.